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1. Product sourcing & price negotiation

We search for right supplier with best price.Based on your requirements, we'll make a short list which a few companies can meet the requirements set by the level of high accuracy and best price

2. Factory Audit:

Selecting the right suppliers is one of the most important things for successful sourcing. Our Factory Audit service allows you to to get actual information of the suppliers such as the production capacities, quality control systems , staffs, facilities and working conditions etc
Main checkpoints for Factory Audit:

  • Check the general information of the factory including registered capital, bank credit grade, organization structure,business history etc.
  • Evaluate the manufacturers production condition, including working facilities, machines, manpower,technical ability.
  • Evaluate the quality system according the Standards of ISO 9000, ISO 16949 etc.

3. Initial Production inspection

This inspection is carried out at the beginning of the production based on the customer's specifications and/or reference sample. The Initial
Production Inspection allows an early (and thus cost-saving) prevention of defective components as well as timely corrections if needed
Main checkpoints for IPI:

  • Check the quality of raw materials.
  • Evaluate the production capacity
  • Give advices to improve product quality and minimize defects
  • Verify material/components if match related standards of import country.
  • Your Benefits: Find existent and potential problems before mass production to avoid unnecessary loss.

4. During Production Inspection:

A During Production Inspection ensures production processes and capacity enabling you control and time for recommendations to improve production quality.
When at least 20% of production is completed, our qualified inspector is sent to factory to inspect production quality and status.
Main checkpoints for DPI:

  • Check the quantity and monitor the production schedule.
  • Evaluate the production status during the manufacturing process
  • Evaluate the product if matches with product specifications.
  • Give advices to improve product quality and minimize defects.
  • Verify material/units if match related standards of import country.

Your Benefits:

  • Monitor the production quality during the mass production
  • Ensure the quality and timely production schedules
  • Establish communication channels with necessary information in a timely manner

5. Pre-Shipment Inspection

A Pre-Shipment Inspection is an on-site product inspection that ensures the conformity of the production to your specifications, purchase orders or letters of credit.
When the production is completed and at least 80% packaged, our qualified inspector is sent to your factory to inspect the finished products
After the inspection,you will receive a detailed report with the pictures taken on-site informing you if the production passed or failed

Main check points for PSI:

  • Evaluate the product if matches with product specifications
  • Evaluate product for safety, design, function, appearance, and performance.
  • Assess packaging form.
  • Verify material/components if match related standards of import country.

Your Benefits:

  • Ensure that the product is consistent and compliant with the standards of  or otherwise-specified requirements.

6.  Container Loading Supervision:

Is to verify that the goods are properly handled and secured in the container during loading and unloading operations.
Our inspector guarantees the conformity of your production to your specifications and total order quantity.
The container loading process is monitored by our inspector, guaranteeing the container is loaded in its entirety and in a safe and secure manner.
Main checkpoints for Loading Supervision:

  • Check the container condition
  • Evaluate the outer/inner packing of the products
  • Closely monitor the loading process
  • Verify the quantity in break down
  • Ensure proper handling of the goods and proper stack in the container.

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